​The demand for translating online data into multiple languages is growing fast. Computer-based translations help, but they're still far from perfect. There are countless examples of translation bloopers by Google Translate and other similar services.

There are so many idiomatic expressions and nuances, not to mention slang, that a mechanical device or program will never interpret correctly.

Do not be deceived by the so called "Free Translations" or "One-Hour Translation Jobs" advertised on the Internet.

There are companies offering management translation jobs that do not require at least a basic knowledge of a foreign language or other cultures in order to work in the field.


Translations have been compared to women. A quote attributed to several authors says that "A translation is like a woman, if it's beautiful, it's not faithful; but if it's faithful, it's not beautiful. " I know this is not necessarily true but it speaks volumes about the fact that while translators need to be faithful to the original, what do you do when translating words that express a feeling, a mood, the nuances of a poem, or the lyrics of a song? 

A message can get lost in translation if you don't have your project translated by an expert.

No matter how good any machine translation technology is, professional human translators are still needed. Humans are always needed to get the correct intended message.