Do you want to take a vacation and learn Spanish at the same time? Do you want to learn the language through a first-hand experience with the Spanish culture?

Our method of instruction is based on the concept of total immersion in the Spanish language through conversation and continual practice with native instructors. Instruction is entirely in Spanish, and we concentrate on listening and speaking, with the integration of reading and writing for proper grammar.

​Our instructors will speak English only when it becomes necessary to communicate a concept that cannot be explained otherwise. 

Our quiet settings are just perfect. The spring-like climate allows for some classes to be held in "open-air classrooms" surrounded by beautiful gardens and a wide variety of trees, flowers, birds, and nature in general.

We rotate teachers to allow the students to be familiar with different speakers, and enable them to understand people with different accents. This also keeps class fresh and interesting.

​You will use Spanish in practical situations, for example: traveling, conducting business, meeting people, using the telephone, meetings, participating in a conversation effectively, etc.

​Grammar is very important, and we will teach you how to use it, not to memorize rules and formulas, but to help you speak Spanish intelligently. 

​Our classes are scheduled in groups no larger than five students to ensure personalized attention.