Specialized courses

Take a specialized Spanish course to improve your ability to use Spanish in your line of work.  We can help you achieve a practical understanding and proficiency of Spanish, as it relates to your specific interests.

Business Spanish and Spanish for Lawyers.   Our courses with emphasis on professional vocabulary are designed to enable students to deal with basic terminology and professional details of their choice of interest. If you are an accountant, engineer, lawyer, etc., these courses will help you open more doors with the ability to communicate in more than one language.  If you so desire, we can assist you contacting specialists in your professional field for practice while you take an immersion class.

Courses for Spanish Teachers. This is a very important class for those who want to learn how to teach Spanish. Not every Spanish speaker is a Spanish teacher. On the other hand, not everyone who says that he (she) is a teacher, can really teach. If you are a Spanish language teacher or if you are studying for this profession, we offer private courses providing the necessary training you need in order to be a successful instructor. We discuss Latin American history and literature, focusing on advanced grammatical analysis, composition and literature.

Language Solutions for Companies. We can work with your company or organization to design a tailor-made program that meets the needs of your group. How about a Spanish class as a team-building activity for your company!
Medical Spanish Classes. If you are a medical professional, we offer medical Spanish for nurses or doctors. Focus is on medical vocabulary and doctor/patient dialogue. 

Spanish for Missionaries  and Christian Organizations. El Faro offers Spanish courses for missionaries and Christian organizations to help them meet the special language needs of their call, working in bilingual environments. In each Spanish immersion course participants benefit from intensive Spanish language study, contact with local social institutions, or churches, as well as lectures on topics relevant to the field.